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Prior knowledge

Find out if you have any prior knowledge relevant to the Management and Economics Bachelor’s degree. Management and Economics experts have judged “understanding English texts” and “mathematics” to be most relevant.

Understanding English texts
In your degree course, you will be confronted with English texts at an early stage and will have to read and understand them. This test will therefore include excerpts from English texts that are part of the management and economics curriculum, and you will be invited to complete various exercises based on their contents.

Mathematics and Language and reading comprehension:
Prior knowledge in the field of mathematics and language and reading comprehension is likewise relevant for the Management and Economics degree. You can check your maths skills by accessing the “Studichecks” via the Studicheck-Portal. If you don’t have an account, you will have to register first. After logging in, please go to “Suche” in the menu bar. In the next step, please select “Ruhr-Universität Bochum“ as your university and “Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Volkswirtschaft” as your discipline.

Understanding English texts Mathematics, Language and
reading comprehension